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On testimony and the power of words, Miranda Fricker

How often are women not believed when reporting cases of sexual assault or harassment? How often are they not taken seriously, or their concerns minimized, when speaking out about discrimination? And how often are they not even listened to? We know what the answer is – all the time. We see ...

Inspiring Works: on hermeneutical injustice, Christine Bratu

In this video, Dr. Bratu draws on Prof. Miranda Fricker’s seminal work, “Epistemic Injustice”, to illustrate and explain the importance of a problem faced by individuals belonging to oppressed groups, namely that of not having access to the concepts and terms they need to make sense of - and refer ...

Rooms of our own: designing spaces to succeed, Alice Pinheiro Walla

Women regularly lend themselves to a huge amount of emotional labor, a burden that, however ripe of individual and social consequences, goes widely  unacknowledged. The caretaker role they are assigned invariably has them trapped in a lose-lose situation. We stand to lose something from fulfilling unfair expectations that we take ...

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