Gender and Human Capacities, Avigail Ferdman

What if the transformation of society depends on how we develop and exercise our capacities? Consider the typically human capacities, such as rational and affective capacities, the capacity to create and innovate, even the capacity to innovate and transform. Does the way Western society is currently organized favor the fostering of these capacities? Moreover, although these are universal, that is, capacities that do not depend on gender, culture, or race, what role do these social determinations play? On these and other questions Avigail Ferdman has addressed in her research.

In this video she some ideas on how the social determinations of gender can affect the development of typically and universally human capacities. 

Avigail Ferdman, lecturer and strategic consultant. Program Manager at The Institute for Leadership and Governance (ELKA – JDC), and teaching a course on climate change policy at Ben Gurion University. 

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